Okay, so I received all my parts in the mail yesterday and have been attempting to put my computer together. I have some general questions. Please forgive me if my questions seem basic, this is my first time to build.

1. I have an Agilty 120GD SSD and a Gigabyte Z77-UD5H. Where do I want to connect the SSD, the mSata port or the SATAIII port? I think for Intel Smart Response I need to use the mSata, but do I even want to use that? I heard that should only be used for small SSD and 120GB is good size. I also have 1TB HDD.

2. I have a CM Storm Trooper case that has fan controls on the top. I have a CM 850W Silent Pro Gold PSU that came with a fan control unit for the 5.25 bay for 3 case fans and for the PSU fan. I think I can control the fans through my motherboard also. Which one should I use, any suggetions, advantages/disadvantages?

3. Should I use a push/pull setup for my Hyper 212+ and 3750k?

4. Should I remove the extra cables not in use in my case or just tie them to the side?

Bonus Question: Best fan configuration for the CM Storm Trooper, there are so many.
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  1. 2. You will not need your fan controller if its already embedded in the case, unless you like the baydrive controller better. you can control it with the mobo but would require something like speedfan. disadvatage is you cannot control in-game. advantage is the mobo when set to auto can control the fan speed automatically increasing the speed if the temp rises too high.

    3. def push-pull. remember it should pull from the front and out the back. case fans as well. in from the front/sides, out the back/top.

    4. tie them up.
  2. Thank you. And I think I know the answer to Question 1. Since my SSD is pretty large and will be housing my OS and most popular games, I wont need to use Smart Response Technology, so I should connect to my SATA3 port for maximum performance. My HDD will just have music and pictures, so I dont mind waiting 1 second for those to open.
  3. Yeah... sorry. I don't think i have the experience with SSDs to say anything. just what i've read (since i dont have one.... yet!)
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