Is nvidia geforce 210 good for gaming????

i have an intel core 2 duo E7400 processor.. i want to buy a graphx card of nvidia geforce 210(not GT,GTX...). is this graphx card good for gaming and does it support in my 255W PSU? If it does not support,What is the minimum power required????
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  1. it should work with that psu, it is very low power card. It isn't good for gaming however. (unless you like solitaire and freecell)
  2. Gt210 should work fine under that Psu. But it's weak card and is not suitable for any "cool" games like - Bf3, mw3, skyrim...
    But it would be nice if you could specify what hides under "gaming" for you.
    Any way you could aim for Gt220, it's still low-end, not very far more costly(+~10-20$), but it's far more better then Gt210.
    Here some bench -
  3. Not for newer games. Get an HD 6670 or and HD 6570. I had the HD 5570 and was able to play BF3, Skyrim, and MW3 at reasonable settings. I have heard that all the cards I mentioned works on a PSU above 250W even though the requirements say otherwise.
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