Computer shutting off.

I got a computer maybe like two months ago. Recently it's been occasionally randomly shutting down. I didn't think anything of it because my power cord is short and barely makes it to the extension outlet so I thought I might just of bumped it a little and pushed the cord out a bit. When I turned it on this morning, I could hear sparks in the case. It got louder until the computer just shut off. That's all it does now. It stays on for about a minute before it shuts off.

I couldn't get the model and specs of my computer because I had to leave this morning but the brand is "Ibuypower" - I read the reviews of my model before I bought it and I read reviews where the computer gave out after a short time but it was a very rare review but I knew it was a possibility.

Anyway, so I'm wondering what you guys might think is specifically wrong with the computer. I know my description is really vague and I'm hoping to add the model type and specs later when I get home.

Any ideas?

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  1. Should be in warranty if only a few months old. Get a call in to them and a note so you have the date of the fail confirmed.

    "When I turned it on this morning, I could hear sparks in the case." The power supply has some deadly voltages, the rest is low voltage stuff. I'd unplug, open case and then plug back in and see if you can see what's cooking. However exercise caution, don't touch case, etc. Unplug when you are not there -- fire (or nasty smoke) is very possible with a failed PSU.
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