What can i replace a pci 9800gt nvidia graphics card as now broken

Have a N India Ge9800GT graphics card PCI which has died unable to get replacement what suggestions can you give
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  1. pci will bottleneck any card you put in it
  2. alvine said:
    pci will bottleneck any card you put in it


    Not being computer buff can you further explain. What my question perhaps should have said is that this particular card GeForce 9800GT Nvidia card is 1gb with its own cooling fan now absolete and I am looking for a comparable replacement
  3. Jim,
    That is a pretty old card and I think what you mean to ask is "what is a modern day price/performance equivalent"?

    To best help, it is nice to know 1) your budget 2) some system specs (CPU, power supply, RAM, etc.) 3) What kind of games you need to play 4) monitor resolution.

    This is also a great guide to start with: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html
  4. If you like the Nvidia brand the modern equivlent of the 9800 is the gts450 or the newer gts550. Anything less thant a 450 would most likely be a down grade.
    The 450 is like 110 and the 550 is around 130.

    The AMD HD6770 is around $100 has lower electrical usage and is a bit more powerful in terms of gamming performance. I would recomend a 6770.

    PS the 9800gt is a PCI-E card. Leaving off the e confused the first poster.
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