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i recently got this pc cheap ... anyways its a barton 2.08ghz athlon 2800 how good is it comaperd to pentium4 /D and is it possible to overclock i have a ms-6777 ver1 motherboard and i have aftermarket cooler so im good to go and i have1gb ddrr ram i think ... i just want to suqueez bit of more power from it lol
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  1. Wow, lol.

    Seriously, if you buy into AMD's "PR" Ratings from then, it's about equal to a 2.8Ghz P4, and it probably IS close to that, but that's not saying much.

    As far as if you can OC it? Yes, if the board allows you to change the FSB and voltage, you can, but it really won't be worth it.

    I have an Athlon XP 3000+ myself (2.166 Ghz stock) that I OC'd to 2.3Ghz way back, but it didn't make ANY difference at all in performance.

    The main problem I ran into was voltage because the board that I have for that system only allows for a 5% voltage bump, but I was apparently chipset limited too (didn't like high FSB's).

    And the multiplier is locked, of course, so it's a no go for that.

    Basically though, you can try to OC it, if you want, but only as a "just for the hell of it" kind of thing. It really won't be beneficial to any modern day use.
  2. beleive i t or not its working great for my use .. films and web broswing on my tv lol
  3. Except web browsing. word and playing old games....
  4. Well somehow i can play some games on my Sempron 3500+ manila with a GT430 , get a GPU like the GT 240 and try to play some games.
  5. I used to have one of them. Actually it's still somewhere in my attic.

    Perfectly good CPU but not for modern games. Some old games will be fine though.

    And it will be fine for web browsing and general productivity.

    It's only a single core so it will struggle with anything that's complex by today's standards.
  6. Ahhh... the good old days when AMD CPUs are better than Intel's CPU for games...

    I ditched my Athlon XP PCs when Intel released the Core 2 Duo / Quad series.

    Since programs / games nowadays requires a lot of processing power, OCing an old CPU will not increase performance by much. Athlon XP Barton series CPUs are great when they were 1st released, but they are basically relics now though still good enough for the very basics.
  7. An Athlon XP2800 is about the same speed as a 3.4 Ghz P4 depending on the benchmark. They are not very overclock-able with !0% being a typical maximum amount. If you overclock though watch the temperature at full load which should not go over 60 Centigrade. The heat-sinks on most Athlons are only just good enough for stock speeds.
    I sell a lot of these type computers to people who just want to surf the internet and a bit of word processing and don't want to spend much money.
  8. thanks i actually think athis athlon 2800 xsystem runs better then my pentium d 820 system did s a very snappy thing on xp but doesnt realli like vista and i dont think it would cope with 7 .... whats the best agp x8 card for this cpu ... i like some older games like san andreas etc it plays that okish but my video card is anceint and is crap so maybe adding another gig ram and a decent agp card might up the performance a bit :) its very good cpu for itsage
  9. i will open up my machine and check what cooler ive got ... and i will give my temps and my options in the bios give me ten mins
  10. i put the fsb clock to 177 and its at 2.21 ghz and it seems to run fine ... dont dare push it anymore lol
  11. Temps?
  12. cpu temps idling around 50 and never goes higher then 60 ... is that good and my heatsink is Akasa ak-786 ... i think i might need to re-paste my cpu as i dont know when the previos owner last did it ... as i reckopn theose temps are fair high for this cpu .... are these temps safe for a few days till i get some paste
  13. If it never breaks 60c on full load then they are good temps.
  14. You gotten a decent socket a build then. Most are terrible when it comes to overclocking due to the boards and poor cooling. Got two my self and recently bought a slot a build. Yea that is right a cartridge style amd athlon.

    You can play games that were around up through to maybe 2008/2009 depending on how much ram is installed and the graphics card. Decent agp cards are pretty rare but then can do wonders for retro builds. Got a 7800gs and two voodoo2 in my current socket a rig while the other is just lose parts atm.
  15. any games after 2008 i would play on the xbox so thats good to nknow i can play games up to the time ... i have nvida mx440 128mb and its really terrible i have 1gb ramk altho uprgade to 2gb in the future and am just thinking whats the best agp x8 card for an affordble price to play some games ...
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