Where to find an ASUS HD7750

After much research, I have decided to upgrade my machine with a radeon HD 7750, but there is one problem. It's out of stock everywhere! I want to buy the ASUS card, because I know they are a quality manufacturer. Anybody know where else to find one? EBAY has one for $180, but I'm not paying that.

I don't play new games much, though I am considering buying SC2 and I would like it to look nice and pretty. I may use this machine as a HTPC someday soon, and that is the main reason I want the card. I figure I might as well get the best my machine can handle.

My tower:

Hp p6142p

300 watt stock psu

AMD Phenom quad core (X4 9650)

8GB DDR2 generic ram

integrated nvidia geforce 9100 graphics


1 DVDRW drive

Windows 7
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    If you strictly only want to buy an Asus, then you'll just have to wait until it comes back into stock.

    There are other good, of not better, brands such as XFX and Sapphire, but if it's Asus or nothing, then...
  2. I can't seem to find any xfx or saphire cards available either, and I am open to suggestions on what the best version of this card is. Where can I find those? All I can come up with is HIS and gigabyte versions, and I am not sure about those companies...
  3. I suppose there is a general shortage because many people have been waiting for the release of the Radeon HD 7xxx series. The HD 7750 is probably a very hot card now because of it's relatively high performance for the price and the fact that it can work with just about any 300w PSU.
  4. Short of upgrading your PSU and buying a more powerful video card, the only thing you can do is check every day to see if any more come into stock before they fly off the shelves.
  5. Thanks for the help.

    Any idea where to find the XFX version?

    I can find the sapphire and asus versions on newegg, though they are out of stock. The xfx I can't find it anywhere, nobody even shows that they sell it, let alone that it is in stock.

    Also, any idea which version might be the best?
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