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Seems like a new problem for the past 2 days now. The right hand column where we have 'Profile' Thread and Messages', I've been able to click only on the threads tab and the others seem to have gone dead.
In both IE and FF.
Anyone else facing similar issues?
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  1. Same problem here on Opera, Chrome, FF, and IE all the biggest browsers. I haven't tried on safari yet but i figure if i end up using safari to browse the internet somethings wrong with me.
  2. The issue has been reported, and the developers are looking into addressing the problem.
  3. Cool thanks jpishgar for the update :)
  4. And the the TG posting comments problem? Any news on that, it was reported in Jan , and mines still not working.
  5. Having this same issue as well.
  6. having the same problem. right hand column frozen to 'threads' tab, most links other than 'see all' link at the bottom of the 'threads' tab do not work. at least the 'threads' tab works.
  7. As we wait for a solution, please note that you can access your private messages from the bottom of the main forum page.
  8. I too am facing this issue. Just wanted to know if this was a browser problem or a site bug. I'm using Chrome BTW.

    Also, I have this weird issue in which sometimes the pages does not load, and I'm unable to scroll up or down in a thread. I'm not able to type anything. My guess was the internet connection, but all other sites were loading okay.
  9. haha !! What the hell is this i've have same issue can't access into profile or messeges and already threads tab were selected?
  10. Try ie9
  11. yay, the right hand column works for me now. i can switch among 'profile', 'thread' and 'messages' tabs.
    none of the links in 'latest best answer', 'news' sections work. however, the links in 'latest articles and reviews' section work.
    thanks :)
  12. The links on the right hand side don't work though.
  13. AlienTechGod said:
    Try ie9

    If you want everything else to break instead, sure.
  14. me too having the same problem what the hell is going on
  15. Problems been solved... :) I mean the Profile, Threads and Messages one.
    The rest of the right column below with the Latest Best answer, They won a Badge,How do I win Badges, Top experts, but only the first two in the list, these are the links that don't work now.
    Surprisingly, the last name in the Top Experts list works.
  16. Double-clicking a now non-working link selects the word immediately to the left in that column, if there is more than one word there, triple-clicking selects all the words. Clicking anywhere in the right column, dead link or not, selects whatever is in the column immediately to the left.

    Ok, not even 2 cents worth, just noticing what happens.
    Everything works using IE6. (choke, choke)

  17. Profile, threads and PM was never a problem for me, but everything below that. All the news links and stuff. Kinda' frustrating. Any workarounds so far?
  18. calguyhunk said:
    Profile, threads and PM was never a problem for me, but everything below that. All the news links and stuff. Kinda' frustrating. Any workarounds so far?

    Of course, just click on 'news' next to 'Forums'. :)
  19. Gman450 said:
    Of course, just click on 'news' next to 'Forums'. :)
    LOL :lol:
  20. how much time will it take
  21. assassin123 said:
    how much time will it take

    Johnny is behind in his homework, so when he catches up his mom will let him go back to work a few hours after school.
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