Philips soundcard better then soundblaster gamer?

I am not to interested in that game bundle SB live offers, but having a soundcard that will last me a few years.

What are your opinions about this Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card and the other soundcards. And are there any conflicts with AMD motherboards and Philips?

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  1. I think Philips Acoustic Edge is a better soundcard. But if you want a sound card that will last you a few years I will go with SB live. My friend is still using an ISA creative sound card that he bought about 6years ago. I think since creative sound card are the most popular sound card so window still have driver built in for them.
  2. The reviews I've read all say that the Accoustic Edge is the best card since the Aureal Vortex2 cards. And that they do not have the problems of the Aureal or SB Live. I still have the Aureal AND the SB Live. The Aureal is by far better than the Live, so if the reviews are true, I would go with the Accoustic Edge.

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