Phanteks PH-TC14CS (((vs))) Noctua NH-C14

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  1. Good review on the Phanteks here:

    Performance charts from that review:

    The Phanteks is the best air cooler around, at the moment, it seems.
  2. Thats the PE not the ES. I cant fit the PE, and the case I'm using is a HTPC that features a 140mm hole on the lid thats directly above CPU that will greatly take advantage of an up-draft cooler.
  3. Yeah, I totally missed that. Sorry about that. Most people ask about the PE and D14, so I get one track minded sometimes.

    I actually don't know much about either the CS OR C14, honestly.

    A review on the CS, though:

    And a review on the C14:
  4. I'm sorry to necro an old thread but i have used both coolers, from my experience as far as sound goes they are the same.

    The phanteks one looks better but is really a pain to install, and it has less radiator surface so its not quite as good thermally.

    The Noctua is easier to install and has massive cooling capability, but it is about $20 more, totally worth it in my opinion.
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