Fan Broken?

Hey guys

Im using a Dell Optiflex 320 Recently while playing games such as "Battlefield 2" And "Minecraft"
My Computer screen Goes black with a message: "No signal Input" meaning the CPU must've overheated.
My computer is still running so i know something was wrong. Well i have Ben having this problem to much lately.

After alittle bit of research i found "Speedfan" and nice program that most people are familiar with.
It showed me the temp of my GPU. I was surprised without playing any games or anything major turned on, only facebook. My temp was 56c .... Whoahh Way to hot.

Then i poped open my lid so it'll get a lil cooler nothing changed. tried "Msi Afterburner" another amazing program Which lets you monitor and change fan speed,clock speed,memory etc. After trying to change the fan i checked inside the pc, no change to change of temp, or speed of fan

Then i went to speedfan and saw my fan rpm.

I was shocked.

I have a huge main fan, the rpm was 180 not 1k but 180

From what i heard 1k was ok and 2k was what u needed from keeping the temperature from rising

does this mean my fan is broken. Sounds like it :??:

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  1. Open the case and see for yourself.
  2. It's spinning but not so fast. Im sure the computer fan would boost when it's 56c
  3. If you have a molex-to-3pin adapter, try bypassing the motherboard's fan header by plugging the fan directly to the PSU and see how much faster (if any) your 180RPM fan runs with direct 12V feed. That will tell you beyond any doubt which one between the fan and motherboard fan header is the problem.
  4. the older 200/8000/9000 nvidia cards ran hot stock. 50c was normal for those old chips. I had a 250 gaming card that was that temp just doing web stuff. but having the fan not spin up under msi afterburner..not good. if you unchecked the auto button and moved the fan speed to max (70 percent). you should hear the fan...sounds like a jet airplane taking off. if not i would replace the fan...but i check to see if the video card had a warranty first.if you dont want to put a new heat sink on you can put a newer gpu in.
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    By the look of documetation of your system you have an intergrated GPU on board,thats why you cant hear any change to the speed of fan.But if you do have discrete graphic card then there is either that a fan on a card died out or its fanlles
  6. Thank you
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  8. It's just that this has never happened before. My main Fan just pins really slow and doesn't cool anything at all.
    I have a quadroFx i k it's no gaming, but it has a fan on it, it still seems to die on me.

    Nothing i can do will increase speed of the fan, Broken? or something making it slow.
  9. if msi afterburner wont speed the gpu fan up then the fan needs to be replaced. the cpu fan is controlled by the mb. it should spin up when the cpu heats up.
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