Gtx 560 Ti 448 limited?

Is it really limited? And if so until how long will it be available?
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    Yes it is limited , until its sold out.
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  3. monsta said:
    Yes it is limited , until its sold out.

    Well that sucks, personally how long do you think they will last?
  4. Beats me... Basically the gtx 560 Ti 448 uses failed GTX 570 and 580 chips. So when they run out of failed 570/580s they will stop production... However as long as they are making 570s and 580s they will get more and more chips. I'm guessing that when the bring out the nvidia 600 series chips the GTX 560 Ti 448s will dry up.
  5. they wont be around too much longer. A month ago there were 8 or 9 different models/brands. Now there is 4 or 5. I ordered the MSI one last wednesday,and when I looked thursday morning those were sold out. I dont think they will be easy to find in another month..and some sites will jack the price up when they become almost extinct...also a lot of the rebates end today on them
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