Which way should side fan be blowing air?

Hey, I have the Thermaltake Armor A90 and i'm curious which way the side fan should be blowing air. Should I have it blowing air into the case or out? It's located on the bottom half on the side and if it's blowing air in it hits the bottom half of my GPU (radeon 6870) basically where the fan part is attached, and a little bit of my MOBO. Given what it's hitting should I have it blowing air in or out? Nothing wrong with my temperatures i'm at 65C while at 100% GPU usage i'm just curious which way would be better.
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  1. If you have air blowing out through the top or back of your case than use your side fan as an intake.
  2. Ideally side fans should be blowing air in onto the GPU and Motherboard.
  3. Side fans are usually used as an air intake so that yout GPU and MoBo stay at lower temperatures; since almost all the time (not certain if ALL the time) back-side fans are used to take hot air out of the system.
  4. Front and side intake-rear and top exhaust
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