Building Gaming Computer: D3, WOW, GW2, TERA

Hello All, I'm currently building a computer for my friend. I'm not expert and my of my knowledge is from here. I've built a system before myself but I'm not that technically inclined to OC. =) Learning though.....

Anyways, This build will be solely for gaming. Wants to be able to Max D3. Single Monitor at 1920x1080. Maybe a secondary monitor but that will be for 2D application and not gaming. So lets get started....his budget is $1200.00 but I can go max out at $1500.00 I really want him to get that GTX680...i know i know..its overkill...but I got one and I love it. LOL

BUDGET RANGE: CDN $1200-$1500 with Rebates
USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: WOW, D3, GW2, TERA -a few years future proof
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (will be going in store for purchase)
PARTS PREFERENCES: Really want Nvidia but ATI is a possibility
OVERCLOCKING: Not at this time, maybe in the future
Not Needed: Monitor, Keyboard, Mice, Headset, Windows OS

This is the build I have so far: I need recommendation if something can be better and I can save on, but needs to be from Canada Computers or

Few Notes: Will be a fresh build, but he does not need a HDD to store. He has an external drive for music, pictures, date files, etc.
SSD will be boot drive, Office, and WOW, D3, and possibly one more game...I think a 128gig should be enough..but again ur recommendations would be great.

Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Socket 1155 Intel Z77 Item Code: MBAR000440 $189.99 (-$40MIR, -$5IR) $144.99

CPU: Intel Core I5-3570K Quad-Core Socket LGA1155 Item Code: CPUI002570 $259.99

Ram: Corsair Vengeance Red 8GB DDR 1600MHz Item Code: RAMC001450 $54.99

SSD: OCZ 128GIG (VTX4-S25SAT3-128G) Item Code: SMOC001080 $169.00 (-$30.00IR) $139.00

PSU: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 Item Code: PSCO000527 $99.99 (-$15IR) $84.99

Case: Antech Three Hundred Two Premium AB Mid-ATX Item Code: CSAT001290 $74.99

DVD: SamSung SH-S243D Item Code: DVSS000421 $24.99 (-$5.00IR) $19.99

Total: Retail: $873.00 + tax without video card
Total: Discount: $778.44 –MIR and IR + tax without video card

Total with Video Card: ??????? What Video Card????

Thanks again for all your input guys.
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  1. Does he have an OS? If not it looks like you need to budget for that as well. The GTX680 would be overkill for the games listed. I'd be inclined to look at a 7870 like: to keep you on budget.
  2. yes He will have an OS.

    What about the rest of the system spec guys? Does it look good?

    Any other recommendations for savings?

    Any other good cards that you recommend besides GTX680? or any Nvidia cards..I've had ATI for so many years and I switched to Nivdia and I never looked back. LOL
  3. A Radeon 6870/6950/6970/7850/7870 would be a very good card for that build and cost substantially less, and be easier to find, than the GTX680.

    Nvidia wise, you can't get a GTX6 because all that' out is the 680/690 and they're hard to find and cost a ton. a GTX 560ti 448/570/580 would suit well.
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    That list looks great. You've chosen sensible parts, so you could probably squeeze a gtx 680 in and be within budget ($1500), so if its a gaming build.... why not maximise it's potential gaming life span?

    I'd change out to the low profile version of that RAM:

    OCZ SSDs are great providing you get one that works.. they've had some reliability issues in the past. Who knows, the Vertex 4 is probably really good. Another option to save a few dollars:

    If you're thinking of OCing down the track... especially given that IB runs hotter, I'd also look at a AM CPU Cooler:

    Good luck. Great list
  5. Check this ram out 8 gigs $39
    I would get a 570 for the gpu because it is cheaper
  6. Thanks for the reply guys.

    Ya. Heard a lot of SSDs are really garbage. Just need one thats works and is stable. Real life use he wont notice the difference in brands I dont think. I'm using Intel X25-M 80gig and i've had no Issues over the years of usage.

    CPU cooler will be added later if he decides to OC. but he will not be at this time at least for a year or two. at that time, its time to remove everything and clean internals anways, so that will be the time to think about adding in a CPU cooler.

    @ adgjlsfhk: thank you. I will look into that ram in a bit.

    @Formata: You don't think spending $ on a old gen is a waste? I mean if u guys would have to choose. Newer 7000 series ATI cards vs 5xx Nvidia Cards..what would be your choice?

    Like i've said. I've been using ATI for many years and my previous cards was 5850's xfired. Im now running a EVGA GTX680. I will never go back to ATI due to drivers issues and customer support. I'm not fanboy. But it looks like im heading that way......=(

    Your input would be great.
  7. Confused me. I didn't suggest an old gen GPU?

    No ATI
    No 680
    No Last Gen GPUs

    You don't have many other choices :)
  8. ya =( What would you get do play D3 at 1980x1080 at Ultra res. I know D3 isnt a demainding game, but I want to overkill the GPU so its future proof for a few years......
  9. I would get the 570 now or a 7870 in may.
  10. too bad i cant wait till may...gotta get ready for D3 for my buddy...and going shopping for parts today..

    thanks for all your help guys!
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