Need a new Motherboard for 800$ gaming desktop

I am building a new gaming computer, everything is pretty much set in stone, but my current motherboard was out of stock, and I am planning on buying this computer within the next 2 days. I need help finding a new compatible motherboard. My budget is bellow 150$, I would love to have SLI for the future, but its not necessary if my budget is too low. Also It would be great if anyone could tell me how to know how much watts I would need although I think my current PSU is ok.


DVD Burner:


Hard Drive:

Video Card:

Power Supply:


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    This motherboard will suit you just fine:

    If you want to SLI in the future, I would consider this power supply now so you don't have to replace it later, this is good enough for 2 560s

    Yes, the CX430 is enough for a single 560 TI
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