Need help choosing a new gtx 570

Hello all, i want to buy a nvidia gtx 570 and i don't know wich to choose between these 2 any help would be grealtly appreciated !

Any suggestions are also welcomed :)

Thank you

PC specs:

Ati hd 5770 saphire
P8z68-v gen 3 Asus MoBo
2x(4GB) 1600 kingston RAM
650W Cooler Master power supply
i7 2600k
OCZ agility 3 120GB SSD
Noctua NHU12P SE2
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    they are both really good cards

    i have the asus

    its a great card--really cool and quiet

    but it is huge--takes up 3 slots so thats something you need to consider

    got it overclocked to 855mhz core and 1150mhz memory using asus gpu tweak

    the asus smart doctor software it came with wasnt very good

    the msi afterburner software is far superior to it
  2. Two good choices right there, but I would go with the MSI Twin Frozr III. It has upgraded components and a very effective cooler that fits in a smaller dual slot configuration.
  3. ^+1

    That would be my choice for the same reason
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