Need ? (want) new graphics card...would like opinions

I am currently running an ATI 5870 1GB card that is starting to give me some trouble. My system spec's are:

Win7-64, Intel i7 860 2.8 QUAD, MOBO is ASUS P7P55D w/8 MB Muskin DDR3 1066 (1333Mhz) RAM. I have 3 Seagate 7200 SATA HD's configured in RAID 5. And a 750w Corsair PS, all in a Antec 902 ATX case with four fans and a Cool Master 212 CPU fan.

I have been comparing the 560 Ti w/ the 822 MHz Core Clock and the 560 Superclocked/850 MHz Core Clock. Both have 2048 on board memory....Both are within my price range $239-$279; but I am not that savvy on the differences between the two---like the Texture Fill Rate (if a few Gt/s really matter). If anyone has experience with either, or both of these cards, I would appreciate an honest evaluation/comparison.
I am running @ 1980x1080 resolution and my primary "gaming" usage is flight siming. I currently only have a one 24" monitor setup, however, would like to config a second monitor in the near future.

Thanks for the assist.
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  1. Highly recommend this Video Card:
  2. Thanks for the link and info, LegendKiller. If I may ask, what in your opinion, makes this card superior to the NVIDA 560 series? I admitt, my tech knowledge is networking, so I tend to get "lost in the weeds" of the graphics nubmers.

    Thanks for the explanation.
  3. First, this card can get unlocked to be as fast as a 6970 which is a $320 card... It's faster than a 560Ti... Will it's your choice because I would be waiting for Kepler because it's ganna drop price on these video cards by 2-10%..
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