Best graphics card for 6 monitor setup flight sim

I have 6 19" dell 1280x1024 monitors and i am trying to run FSX or FS9.

what is the best graphics card for me to run all 6 screens at fps of at least 30? I have read about the 5870 eyefinity 6, a sapphire 6950, etc.

What is the best card? i think the eyefinity 6 edition is 2 years old so what will be my best option?

i could be fine with 5 monitors going. Ive been searching for weeks and there is just to much to analyze. someone please tell me the top 3 cards to look at, under $400, that will run 5 or 6 monitors at 30fps. Thanks!
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  1. Your trying to use them in eyefinity?

    If your using them for Eyefinity your going to need at least 2 cards.The FS franchise already eats up tons of VRAM and with 6 monitors your going to need a really beefy setup.

    Well I haven't found any Eyefinity edition 6950's or 6970's and the 5870 eyefinity edition isn't on the market anymore but what I think should work is this 7970...
  2. i can find 5870s on ebay. however, will this be powerful enough for 5 screens? ive seen youtube videos of poeple doing it so im assuming it would work. thoughts?

    how about the sapphire 6950?

    if those dont work, what two card setup would you recommend?
  3. I meant even with a Eyefinity(6) edition card you would have to use more than 1 card(but you might be okay with just a single 7970).Really your limited with your options because your monitors don't support daisy chaining which means you must choose a card that has 6 ports.

    Here's a benchmark with FSX...,2403-10.html

    The 4870x2 is equal to a 5870 so it seems that you would be okay going with a 5870 as the game has a cap at 20fps anyway.But I would really suggest going for the 6950.
  4. seriously thanks for the help. ive been trying to figure this out for months.

    so to clarify, if i were to do the 5870, you think i need 2 of them?

    and you would recommend the sapphire 6950 over the 5879 right? here is the one im thinking of:

    i was planning on using displayport adapters to dvi for the 6 screens. i would also use 5 screens instead of 6 and use fs9, the earlier version.

    please let me know your thoughts.
  5. Yes I would reccomend the 6950 over the 5870 because it's faster but you need to find a eyefinity(6) edition.That Sapphire one is not a eyefinity(6) edition.

    This 6950 would work but it's out of stock.

    Just out of curiousity what are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)
  6. i have 4gb ram, am3 quad core something, 500gb hard drive, and 6 dell 19" monitors (only 1280x1024)

    because my resolution is lower, doesnt that mean its easier the graphics cards?
  7. Yes.Normally someone going for a eyefinity with 6 monitors would use x6/1080p monitors making the total resolution with 6 displays around 11,520x1080.But since your using 1280x1024 monitors your resolution will be around 7680x1025.So it's quite a bit less that the cards will have to work.

    Can you afford the 7970?
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