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Long time viewer 1st time poster. Great forum and community guys, keep up the good work. I now need help:

Ive just got a 2nd hand graphics card from ebay ATI HD4850

When I try to put it into my motherboard, Packard Bell RC415ST-PM, it doesnt work.

With my current graphics card ATi HD2400 XT after i press the power button it'll give a few beeps then start to load windows.

When i put the new card in it doesnt beep. The fan on the GPU spins up and so does my CPU fan but the beeps dont come and neither does any sign of windows loading up. Nor does it show any signs of BIOS loading.

Ive put an ANTEC NEO HE 500 WATT PSU on it so there should be plenty of juice there for it.

Ive also deleted the old driver and put the proper ati one on for the 4850 but nothing seemsto get it firing up.

The difference in cards now has me running a 6 pin power connecton to the back of the 4850, there are 2 connectors to the front of the card also which i've not plugged anything into, im pressuming they are there only if I want to join 2 cards up. please correct me if im wrong.

Could it be that my motherboard is not compatable with a gpu this advanced? Does anyone have any more ideas on how to get it working??

1 thing i couldnt find is a driver update for the motherboard, could any 1 point me in the right direction?

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  1. The card is probably dead, and that would explain why it was on eBay. Good luck with it.

    Yes, the 2 connectors on front are for crossfire, so there is nothing there in a single card system.
    I have a HD4870 that I am trying to get rid of (don't need it anymore). It worked fine last time I had it plugged in. PM me if you are interested.
  2. the seller on ebay has good rep and doesnt normally sell techie bits so i've got a gut feeling that its a genuine sale, although this might be the case.

    I want to try all avenues before I go back to them accusing of a faulty product.
  3. The only way I know to test it would be to plug it into a different computer. If it works in another machine/motherboard, then the problem might be with your motherboard. You might want to make sure that your BIOS is up to date.
    I had a dead 7 series Nvidia card, and it did everything that you described. I replaced it with a different card and everything was fine.
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