Gtx 670 or radeon hd 7970,

2GB EVGA GTX 670 FTW, 28nm, PCIe 3.0 (x16), 6208MHz OR 3GB Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC, 5700MHz Which is the best graphics card?
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  1. and also which ssd is better? OCz vertex 4 SSD or intel 520 series SSD? Which is better, and stable?
  2. last question is it worth buying the oc edition of the 7970? the one with dual fans and does it overheat?
  3. 7970 will be faster
    I'd buy the OCZ vertex 4
    Depends on the manufacturer no card will overheat unless it's broken, if it did then the company would loose pretty much all it's customers and reputation
    Buy the normal 7970 with a good cooling system and overclock it to 1Ghz
  4. 1.) Reccomend HD7970 cause it is better value and performs a bit better

    2.) OCZ Vertex 4 (TomsHardware just did a review of the best SSD's),3255.html

    3.) Just by the not OC edition and then OC it yourself after you get it. If you dont know how, there are loads of helpful tutorials here and elsewhere. As for cooling, if you have a well ventilated case, it should be fine
  5. For playing BF 3 on a 120Hz monitor(ASUS VG278H for nvidia,Samsung 950D for ATI), which one is better in performance/$?
    #1. MSI N670 PE/OC $404.99
    #2 Gigabyte Windforce OC $399.99
    #3 XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz $439.99
    #4 SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100351VXSR Radeon HD 7970 GHz $469.99

    I intend to buy 1 this month and then another one next month to SLI/CLX.
  6. graphics cards are made from different companies like asus msi xfx and sapphire which one tends to be the best? i know its not performance but just like for cooling and quality, is sapphire the bestT? or msi ?
  7. which cpu should i get? intel i5 2500k or 3570k ?? ?? idk which one to choose, i will overclock it but not extreme overclock, and i will be using water cooling.. any advice?
  8. If I were you I go for the Samsung 830 series SSD, better performance overall than both the ones you listed, just read the charts here, better reliablity than Sandforce models like OCZ and better GB/$ than Intel.
  9. There is only one significant difference between 3570K and 3770K: 3770K offer Hyper Threading which when turned on it will decrease your game performance anywhere between 5-25%, however it increases your CPU's performance in other stuff like Video encoding. If encoding video faster is worth $110 for you then go for the 3770K, else stick with the 3570K it overclocks just fine.
  10. If you don't intend to extreme overclock( I define this as 4.6Ghz and above on a Ivy Bridge) you don't need any more water cooling than Corsair H60, you can probably go cheaper with a $30 air cooler like Hyper 212 Evo and do just fine in OCing in the 4.2-4.5Ghz range.

    High end water coolers like H100 will be difficult to set up in a standard mid tower case, and cost your at least $20 more than high end air cooler like NH-D14,Silverarrow,Phantek PH-TC14PE which offers similar cooling performance.
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