Installed amd phenom 960t x4 black and now comp wont recognize monitor

i upgraded my comp a couple weeks ago with the phenom ii x4 black 960t. and a cooler master hyper 212 evo cooling fan. i have not overclocked anything. got this combo from a tomshardware recomendation. after installing the cpu and cooler everything was fine for a couple hours running 2 monitors playing bf 3. then the dell hdmi monitor goes black and i cant talk in vent using mouse button 4. i restart the comp and same thing move monitor cables around restart comp for 20 minutes or so and both monitors start working. my vga monitor with hdmi adapter works no matter how i hook everything up. i finish my game night no issues. the next day i start the comp and the dell hdmi is only showing a black screen. i hook it up to another comp and it works fine. i again shut comp off remove monitor cable and hook back up to comp a bunch of times. it finally starts to work so i leave it as a single monitor no other monitor hooked up works for a little over a week now comp doesnt see the dell monitor again at start up. so i hooked up the older vga monitor with adapter and nothing. did a hard shutdown (hold power button) rebooted and only the vga monitor is showing anything. i redownloaded my graphics driver same result. system specs are as follows

windows 7 home x64
mobo biostar A770e3 less than 1 yr old
cpu amd phenom ii x4 960t black 2 weeks old
ram kingston two 2 gig stix = 4 gig less than 1 yr old
gpu gtx 550 ti 2gig overclocked to 972mhz from factory about a month old
hdd is from my old HP media center m7470n seagate barracuda
power supply corsair 600 watt about a month old

i tried updating bios through biostar utility that came with board and its up to date. any help is appreciated. i also tried to download the monitor drivers from dell but i couldnt find them on dells website. the model number i have wasnt listed. im thinking some other company made this monitor for dell or something.
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  1. i hooked up another vga monitor with adapter and both monitors r working. i hooked up the dell to my wifes comp and it works fine there
  2. help i want to use that monitor i dont have the money to buy another one
  3. bump
  4. Your monitors work on other computers, correct? They just won't work on the new computer. There's something wrong with the new computer. Either the video card went bad or something is with the motherboard. You may have a loose connection inside the case. I would start, with the computer unplugged, reseating all the components on the motherboard. Do a visual inspection of the motherboard, looking for swollen capacitors or burn marks. Check cable connections. Try a different video card if all else fails.
  5. yes it works on 2 other comps and did on this one for a week after first crash. i just gave it to my wife and went back to 1280 x 1024.. i pulled everything out and didnt change anything the 2 square screens work fine.. just when i have the widescreen monitor hooked up. even by itself. oh well just gonna stay with this setup and if i upgrade monitors again ill just cross my fingers lol..
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