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So my question is this or more of a problem. I have the Phenom and I am using my Mobo to unlock it to the B55 quad but naturally its a dual core CPU.. Now would it be better to run it in dual core and over clock a little bit for gaming or leave it quad core "it has stock cooler"

My problem is this I have a Radeon HD 4670 video card I am looking at upgrading to a GTX 660 Ti GPU "I think it's time for a upgrade" but I only have a OCZ 500Watt PSU so I'm worried that having that CPU unlocked is drawing more power then having it a dual core so to save power for GPU would it make since to go back to dual core to insure I have the power for the GPU?

Thanks for your answers.
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    You should be fine power wise with it as X4! Overclocked dual core will be faster than a slower X4 in most games only some newer games benefit from more than 2 cores.
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