Msi r6870 twin frozr II oc

I'm try to update my card driver to atleast amd 11.7 but when I try to update from both msi and amd website I get an install errror and my computer reboots to a bad resolution and my keyboard and mouse take a few min. To respond. Also I get a dialog box saying I don't have a card or my driver is malfunctioning
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  1. Download the latest drivers from the ATI site and set it aside.
    Then remove all the ATI/MSI display drivers and use driver sweeper, turn off the pc , open it up and take out the video card and reseat it again , make sure connect the power to the card from the psu and it is seated properly.
    Go into safe mode, install the new drivers and see how it goes.
  2. When I remove the drivers do I need to go into the registry or can I take care of all that trhough the device manager???? Also after I disconnect my video card do I need to start up the comp. And then shutdown and reconnect to card or take out of mobo but leave connected and reboot????
  3. Just uninstall the drivers from my computer uninstall change a program.
    You can always use CCleaner to clean up any files in the registry, or you can locate the ATI driver files in program files and delete them manually.
    Just disconect the card and put it back in nice a firmly making sure its seated well.
    Then plug in the power from the psu , close it up and boot the pc.
  4. Ok I will try in the morning cause I'm at work..... also y do u think the auto update will not work???? I'm not just looking for someone to answer my question but I would like to learn how to troubleshoot and know what to do because this is my first PC build
  5. The auto update from windows update is a fix for some , its worth a try
  6. No I mean using msi live update or letting catalyst do the update
  7. Dont use the msi updater , remove all of it and the drivers and then just go to the ATI website and do a clean install of the latest drivers
  8. Do u have to the catalyst suite or can u just install the driver
  9. Ok did all the steps and stillgot error message.... this is the install log after i followed the steps..

    Name AMD Radeon Graphics Processor
    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0x6738
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x030000
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0x2450
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x1462
    Other hardware

    Existing packages
    Packages for install
    AMD Catalyst Install ManagerFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item: 3.0.842.0
    Size: 20 Mbytes

    AMD APP SDK RuntimeFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item: 2.5.732.1
    Size: 90 Mbytes

    AMD Display DriverFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item: 8.892.0.0000
    Size: 90 Mbytes

    HDMI/DP Audio DriverFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item:
    Size: 1 Mbytes

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 RedistributableFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item: 10.0.30319
    Size: 9 Mbytes

    AMD Drag and Drop TranscodingFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item: 2.00.0000
    Size: 1 Mbytes

    AMD Media Foundation DecodersFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item: 1.0.60914.1136
    Size: 1 Mbytes

    Catalyst Control CenterFinal Status: Success
    Version of Item: 2011.0908.1355.23115
    Size: 150 Mbytes

    Other detected devices

    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0xaa88
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x040300
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0xaa88
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x1462

    Error messages
    Application Install: install package failure!
    Driver Install: the INF file was not found
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