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ASUS EAH6870 interface bus x16@x4

hi all .. :P sorry my inglish is very simple .. i have this card and in the GPU-Z i see that my interface bus is running at x4 and not to x16 or x8 .. somebody knows how can resolved this???

i upgrade the GPU-Z, verify with AIDA64, reinstall the drivers, reinstall the system and only the drivers without any tools of the mother board, i clear all settins in the bios too ..




thanks for all your help

o sorry my specifications are ..

AMD Phenon II x6 1100T 3300@4000MHz + Cooler Thermaltake Frio
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W
Kingstone Hyperx 8GB 2x4GB
Asus M4N75TD
Asus EAH 6870 DirectCU
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  1. Pairing a Radeon card with an SLI only board? :non: Do you have the card in the top or the bottom slot? Try switching slots. I wondering if you just have it in the 8x only slot and your board isn't switching to 8x/8x mode because it's not detecting a card in the 16x slot.
  2. hi, and thanks for answer, i have only one card and is in the top slot .. i going to try to change the slot tomorrow xDD ..

    "Pairing a Radeon card with an SLI only board? :non:" I do not understand this can explain???
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    The 750a chipset only supports SLI. You cannot add a second 6850 latter on to run in CF. There is a driver hack for this that involves using the drivers for Dells older XPS desktops using the 680i chipset. It apparently removes something from the nForce drivers that allows you to run CF on that board but I have never used it myself so I wouldn't be able to tell you much more about it.

    As for the slots I think the first one on that board is suppose to be 16x. If your card works as 8x in the second slot then it suggests somethings wrong with the top slot and you may want to RMA the board. If it still comes out as 4x then it could be the video card, but you'd have to try it in a computer with a perfectly working 16x slot to be sure
  4. I thought the same thing when I buy this mobo but They told me that there would be no problems, bad idea xD

    Yesterday disarmament whole team did a thorough cleaning, try to put it into the second slot but could not enter, then resignedly put it in the first again, so i went up in there were some changes, booted faster, and now I read it x8 a great relief not to have been made​​, may not fit either the VGA or maybe the RAM, and thank you for this great help you gave me uan, a hug to all =)
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