Dual channel ram or quad channel ram 2 quick questions

and also it doesn't matter if its more expensive to get quad channel
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  1. 1) which type of ram is better? dual channel ram or quad channel ram.
    I prefer to get quad channel because it will look better on the motherboard but if the dual channel is better then i will get dual channel

    If you don't know what dual/quad channel ram:
    dual channel = 2 ram cards (2x4GB) for 8gb or whatever u have...
    quad channel = 4 ram cards (4x2gb) = 8gb or whatever you have..

    And also

    2) graphics cards are made from different companies like asus msi xfx and sapphire which one tends to be the best? i know its not performance but just like for cooling and quality, is sapphire the bestT? or msi ?
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