Graphics issues (please hel )

Hello there. Recently i have Encountered an issue with my in game and out of game graphics. Everything seems to be looking okay, but there is one issue. Textures seem to be mildly pixelated and off colored, And it is driving me crazy!

What i have done so far:
Took out each indivual graphics card and checked to see if the problem was fixed (it wasnt)

Tried a different screen

Reinstalled world of warcraft (although that was dumb, because this can be seen on photos as well)

Reinstalled drivers.

I am about to go insane and i am hoping you guys can help me :) heres my build:

Processor: I5 2500k
Mobo: asrock fatal1ty professional
Ram: 8gb Gskill ram (1600mhz)
case: haf 932 (irellevant)
Hard drive: seagate 5400 rpm 500g (terrible, i know)
Graphics: crossfire 6970/ 6950.
Power supply: Corsair hx 850.

Here are some links to the photos:!!!!!

Im absolutely sure this is not an overheating issue, perhaps something within direct x or something else....

Please help :(
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More about graphics issues please
  1. This is normal On an LCD screen for sky shoots.
  2. What do you mean? i have never had this problem before and this is an led monitor.... switching monitors didnt help either... Would it really cause that much pixelation issues?
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