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Hey guys,

I recently just finished building my first computer! :D All the components seem to work fine and the system does boot through the FLASH screen and the POST is fine. (Single beep). However, when i want to boot the Operating System from the disk drive. It continuously fails. I checked in the BIOS to see if the boot priority was set correctly and i noticed that there is no option for DVD just CD-ROM and my optical drive is
Could that be an issue?
Also i noticed that the drive makes odd sounds when reading a disk. Could it possibly be DOA?
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  1. most vendors now use the cd-rom lable for all cd drives now. i would first start by looking to see if you pluggged the sata cables into the intel ports of the mb. you have to look at your mb book to see the ports and how there numbers. (two grays are 6g on most new mb). if there in the right port check that the sata ports are set to achi and not ide or raid. and that the mb see the cd-rom drive. if the bios is reading the drive take a look at the windows os cd. if it says upgrade on it it non bootable. most windows cd will boot with a message hit any key to boot from cd-rom. if you miss it it keep on posting to your hard drive. if you think your dvd rom having issues put the windows os cd onto another pc and use the microsoft usb tool to make a bootable usb istaller stick you need a 4g stick for all the files to fit.
  2. OK. The bios detects the drive. but i didnt think of changing it from IDE. Also the motherboard manual does not specify using certain SATA ports except for RAID. However, i acquired Windows through the MSDNAA program(free download for engineering students) and i think when i burned it it was a bad i am burning it again now to check. Thx for the reply tho!
  3. Ok so it seemed to be a bad burn. Now when i load windows and need to install it on the harddrive appears! The harddrive appears in the BIOS though. So why would this be happening?
  4. i recently just used the asus 24x driver in my computer 2 weeks ago.(surprised so many people on newegg recently got DOA asus drives, makes me wonder if something happened during transport. because mines from amazon works fine). are you sure your hard drive is connected correctly. try reconnecting both plugs(the one to the psu and the one to the mobo) and switch the sata ports
  5. Well now mine seems to work fine once i reburned the disk. But all the SATA connectors are plugged in correctly. But my harddrive still doesnt show up :/
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    new hard drive and ssd wont show up in windows quick install till there formatted. what you want to do is go into windows install advance mode and look to see if there are any partion on the hard drive. if there are non let windows make the two it needs the data and system restore partion. when done windows should install fine.
  7. The problem was solved. I found some information and i had to make an NTFS partition using the command prompt at the beginning of the windows installation. after i did that it worked. Thanks for the help everybody
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