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Does it make the most sense to pick up the 3570k over the 3770k and put the 100 bucks into getting the gtx 680sc over the 670 ftw? My goals are to just game no video editing. From research rive read the 3770k would be a waste for gaming as the fps gained would be minimal and that extra money for the video card would gain much more then list from the CPU.
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  1. Or the gtx670 4gb sc edition
  2. get a 670 its better value and hardly looses anything against the 680.
    a stronger cpu is a stronger cpu so even if it doesnt help in games it will help in video editing.
  3. Only problem is I do no video editing. Maybe get the 3570k and keep the gtx 670 ftw but pick up an ssd since I'm using a 150gb wd vrap
  4. I have never used one of those Raptors, but I use an SSD and the performance gap between my SSD and my 7200RPM HDD is night and day.

    -Much more of a difference than you would expect between the CPU's or GPU's you have listed.
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