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My dad isnt going to let me do a custom built computer, what can i say to him, like precautions and stuff, ill take so that i dont break anything in the build? I was thinking getting an anti-static wristband might help but im not sure. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Tell him that there is not even a 1% chance a first timer builder can break anything.
  2. Could you find me a website that proves that? He wont listen to me unless i have some sort of proof. :P
  3. where do you think most of the dell and hp pc are built and how much training do you think these people get?? also ask your dad how did he learn to change the oil and spark plugs or his car..someone showed him or he tried to do it himself. there are a lot of good youtube videos and ones from new egg on installing parts. show your dad that 90 percent of new pc parts are keyed now. mb vendors have made mb real easy for builders. the issue i see with first time builders is they dont take there time iv sen snapped dimm tabs from people trying to force a dimm in the wrong way to bent pins on a cpu becuase the forgot to look at the pin one keyway. tell your dad the parts from new egg most times are better build then the ones dell or hp uses. if a dell or an hp fails you have to send the board or part back at your cost then wait for the exchange. there parts are not as good becuase they have to hit that low price point. most dells and hp you cant upgrade them do to the low wattage power supply. a home built system with a good power supply can last years. show your dad that the warranty for most parts built on new egg have a longer warranty then the stock 90 days from dell. there are alot of ram and video card vendors that have lifetime warrantys and they do stand behind them.
  4. Thanks heaps, but im from australia, so ill just substitute in for He is actually building up a Holden Torana (car) from scratch, ill use that as an example aswell. :)
  5. Are there any main precautions i can take, like is there anything that is SUPER delicate? i will take my time with the build so yeah.
  6. Anti static will help, lot of thing first timer first timer can do wrong, example: forget to remove plastic cover on heatsink, plug 12v for mobo to vga or the other way around, etc .... (silly but i have seen some people do that).

    My advaice is to ask your father to supervice u when u building, he may yell a lot or etc, but be patience.. and keep telling him u will accept his direction/sugesstion but u will have to do it yourself for experience/learning.....

    the bright side of this if u are successfull, you may gain his trust a little bit for next modification....
  7. most new builder errros are not placing the brass mb stand off in the right spots or thinking they dont need all of them. the hardest part on the build is with some mb i/o shields and getting the mb to line up with the stand offs.
  8. Okay sweet, thanks for all your help! :)
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