Intel core i3 2120 good for this games

My set up

CPU:intel core i3 2120
GPU:amd hd 5670

so my question is can a run this games on my pc

Test Drive 2
The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest
Need For Speed latest games
Dead Space 2
Just Cause 2
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  1. gta 4 no it needs a true quad to work properly it doesnt like hyperthreading.
    the rest should be fine... and just couse is a maybe, it works sometimes but it depends on the over all config as your intel/ati it should work. but theres no guarantee.
  2. actually that cpu is fine for GTA4 as you can see . I am not sure about the graphics card though.
  3. It could play those games on low- med, maybe high, depends on resolution also.
  4. GTA 4 isn't a well optimized game so you may want to play on low to atleast get 40+ frames.
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