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I just got two Kustom PW50 monitors and I've been using them with my Behringer Xenxy 1202FX mixer (for the meantime until I get something more applicable) and I've noticed that I have a wretched squealing coming from the speakers.

I'm certain that it isn't the speakers themselves because I can plug my iPhone and laptop straight into them with a 1/8"-1/8" cable and there isn't any squeal. And I'm sure that it isn't my mixer because I can plug my iPhone and laptop into it and the sound through the speakers are fine.

I've uploaded a 20 second video of what the squealing sounds like.


I've noticed that it mostly makes the noise when I'm using my mouse, an Apple Bluetooth mouse, however, I also use a cheap Logitech wireless mouse and noticed that it makes the same noise too, so I would assume that it isn't the bluetooth causing it. The noise is somewhat consistent and incredibly annoying.

I've replaced the sound card to a cheap Sound Blaster to just see if that would change anything and it didn't.

I've tried several 1/4" cables, several XLR cables, and several 1/8" cables and I still get the same result each time.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. the cable is probably picking up some stray RF

    is everything grounded?
  2. Grounded as in power? The monitors and my computer are all powered with 3-prong plugs. The mixer's AC adapter uses a 2-prong plug.
  3. are you using shielded cables?
  4. the cables don't look that great...
    have you tried using a wired mouse?
  5. could you make your youtube video public?
  6. Yes, a wired mouse and using Teamviewer I moved the cursor around and made the exact same noise.

    I've also tried using XLR cables to connect the speakers and I get the exact same noise.
  7. Whoops, Sorry about that.

    The sound in the video is me moving the mouse only for a second and then stopping and then starting to move it again. It also is doing it right now as I'm typing.
  8. are you using a wired internet connection?
  9. Yes, hard-wired with ethernet.
  10. try turning your system volume from your computer to the max and compensate with the mixer
  11. It's maxed out and I've tried the reverse as well and it still doesn't change it :/
  12. whats your system build?
  13. Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
    Intel i7 920
    6GB of DDR3 Ram
    1TB HDD
    and I've tried both the built-in audio and a Creative Sound Blaster sound card as well
  14. can you plug another pair of speakers into the mixer?
    another mixer into the same speakers that you currently have?
  15. When I put my headphones and my other set of speakers into the mixer, it's gone. And when I plug my iPhone or laptop directly into the 1/8" jack on the speakers, it's gone.
  16. it looks like its coming from the cable running from the mixer to the speaker
    is it as short as possible and away from an outlet and/or other cables?
  17. Well I've tried multiple cables, the standard 1/4-1/4 squeals, an XLR to XLR squeals, and a 1/4 to 1/8 squeals too. All the cables except for the XLR are 6ft and the XLR is 10ft. And none of the cables are physically touching.
  18. what area do you live in?
    you can be general
  19. Massachusetts, about 45 minutes outside of Boston. I'm certain that it isn't my mixer because I use this with 4 XLR mics and it's fine, never heard this noise before.
  20. if you are willing to drive there might be a place to buy cables
    how far are you willing to drive?

    what cable combos can you use between the speakers and the mixer
  21. I've got just about every cable I would need, but there's a lot of places I can get cables at.

    The mixer has 4 XLR inputs, 8 1/4" inputs, 5 1/4" outputs
    The speakers have on each, 2 XLR inputs, 2 1/4" inputs, 1 1/8" input, and an XLR in/out that you can chain multiple speakers together with.

    And I've got just about every adapter imaginable as well, 1/4-1/8, 1/8-1/4, XLR-1/4, 1/4-XLR, etc.
  22. have you tried putting a quality choke on both of the speaker cables?
    assuming L+R setup
    what is the impedance of the speakers? is it matched with the mixer?
  23. I haven't tried today. I don't have at my house, but I do at my studio. Do you think that's worth a shot?
  24. Wixdfast2 said:
    I haven't tried today. I don't have at my house, but I do at my studio. Do you think that's worth a shot?

  25. Alrighty, well I appreciate your help. Thanks
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