I Want to over Lock my Video Card 5450HD

Guys .. i Have P5QPL-AM Asus Mother Board - COre2duo 2.5 Processor .. 3GB Rams and Hd Radeon 5450 1 GB Vga Card ( Hyper Memory on 7 and Vista = 2.8 Gb )
i Have Windows 7 Ultimate ,, and i wanted to Over Lock my Video Card To Upgrate it's Performance But every Time i Try To Over Lock it - Example ( From 400 To 550 Ghz ) When i Open a Game The Monitor Starts to Shaking and Wierd Colors appears .. i Restore the Defaults and every Thing Work ... So Please How Can i Over Lock it With out letting this Happens
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  1. Overclock? Not overlock :).

    Don't overclock, maybe your system isn't enough for this clocks. Or even the card. Overclocking when your system, voltage or card is not good enough for the clock may break the card and void warranty. So I don't recommend that. If you however sure your system or card is OK, have you tried giving lower clocks like 500Mhz?
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