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Hello, Im building a new PC from scratch, and I have not done this for more than 10 years, as of now I am just waiting for my cpu and ram and, I could fire it up by next few days...

My question is, when I was buying parts for my PC I asked for case fans as well and I was given an aerocool shark fan 120mm I was installing it a while back and I did not read the box it came with, ,there is an included 3 pin cable which I stupidly though as an extension to reach your motherboard sys fan headers. So I plugged them in the headers of the board and connected my fans.

I still have no cpu so I still did not power up my pc. But I used those cables to connect the 2 intake fans I have:

case : cm690II advanced usb 3.0 edition
mobo: z77x-d3h gigabyte

will I get 7v max from the mobo? or will the mobo control it via pwm up to 12v when needed???

I was browsing youtube just before this thread and was looking for info on shark fans, until I found out that it was actually a "voltage reduction cable", I was like F_ _ k! I already finalized my cabling after 3 hours of trial and error and then I saw this. I am concerned that it may do harm or whatever to the mobo or psu if, when those cables which were meant for the psu molex connectors, are plugged into mobo sys fan headers instead? any idea?

this is the fan:
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  1. I think you can use the fan on either with the cable, all it has is a resistor or this-,r:21,s:18,i:204&biw=1280&bih=655 in it which limits the voltage and therefor the speed of the fan and no it won't harm either the mobo or the PSU.

    So you can use the cable for extension or connecting it to molex (when connected to molex there is no fan speed control and thats what the cable is probably for, limiting the voltage reducing fan speed.
  2. I wanted it to run according to the pwm settings of the mobo, and I really am annoyed to know that it was a voltage reducer instead of an extension, when I am already done with cable management!!!

    Sheesh I guess i have to re-wire again tommorow. I needed those intake fans to be quiet when my pc is not under heavy workload, and need them to run full @ 12v when I have intensive tasks. So i connected them to the mobo, I dont need messy fan controllers.

    So I guess with those resistors inside those cable there is not chance it will run @ 12 volts right? I really loved those sleeved cables though...
  3. No problem...
  4. those are great, but I cant.. I live in Saudi Arabia, and Amazon and the customs here make it impossible to buy online... Locally there is no such options here.

    I guess I will have to re-do my cables once again, tsk! tsk!

    thanks mate and cheers!!!
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