$600 System Build

Approximate Purchase Date: (e.g.: this week (the closer the better))

Budget Range: (e.g.: 600-800) Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web Browsing, Minecraft + Flash Games etc. and Homework

Parts Not Required: Monitor and OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (but cheaper is better)

Country: U.S.

Parts Preferences: none

Overclocking: Yes (as far as I can go without damaging the life)

SLI or Crossfire: Not now

Monitor Resolution: (not sure)

Additional Comments: Keep it in budget I have no preference for anything (if you want a total revamp that's fine)

I'm deciding to sell my tablet now so I should be able to get a PC around $500. I'm open to totally changing everything in this build. So comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Overclocking all the parts of this build (CPU/GPU + Ram). I might, if you really recommend, be able to go around $700.

CPU/Mobo Combo
$225 -$30 rebate


GPU (Crossfire with the APU)
$72 -$10 rebate + Dirt 3 Coupon (does that mean I get the actual game???)

$60 -$10 rebate

CPU Cooler

$47 -$10 rebate

DVD/CD Drive

SSD (don't need more space than this)


Wireless Mouse/Keyboard

Okay...I think that is it. If I forgot anything tell me. This is my first build. I've never even owned a Desktop Computer before.
$633 (including rebates + shipping)
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  1. Please fill out the new build form in the new build section, otherwise your just going to get 100 questions and 1000 suggestions that may or may not fit your needs.

    This is a good reference to start. (of course this is may now so prices will be different),3159.html
  2. Filling out the form would help definitely, particularly what it is you're looking to do with the computer? For a daily browser, thats a pretty nice system top to bottom, but you could do better in the same price range for a gaming grunt.
  3. Updated with the new build advice thingy lol.
  4. Best answer
    In that case, yea, thats a nice little desktop.
  5. No improvements??? Wow I must a really hit it good on this one. Do I need 8gb ram??? Or should I go with cas 7 1333 4gb ram??? Also does the DiRT 3 Coupon let me get the game (if it does I guess add that to the games list)???
  6. With a Llano I would stick to the higher mhz RAM. 8GB is ideal for a modern system.

    As far as the system, like I said, if its not a hard core gaming system, yes. I base this on what you said your usage was, if you're looking for a gaming system, like to run games other than simple flash games and java (like minecraft), then yea, some tweaking to the system would get you a better deal.

    For example a Phenom II 965 CPU with a 6870 video card would be a better gaming grunt.

    I have no clue what the Dirt 3 coupon is all about lol.
  7. Yeah this will be only flash + java for now. Except if I get that DiRT 3 Game lol. So I guess this will work pretty good.

    Just a random question. How far can I up the vcores when overclocking the CPU/GPU/Ram respectively with the hyper 212 evo.
  8. Well, you say "for now", thats what makes me worry that you may be expecting more power needs later. You could make a couple changes and still stay in the same budget range and be ready for when that "for now" changes.

    Video Card

    Thats going to perform better for gaming. As far as overclocking the llano,, no experience with it first hand, and haven't found too many online resources about going about it.
  9. The 3870k is great for what it is, the onboard graphics are way ahead of Intels onboard, however the processor itself is a little on the weak side. Thats my only concern if you decide later you want a gamer.
  10. I will never get into gaming (as in buying disc games etc) only games that can be attained in other methods. I think I'll stick with the llanos as it is still a cheaper way to go with my needs.

    Thanks for the help nekulturny!!!
  11. No problem, good luck with it, that should give you a pretty decent system for what you're looking to do.

    As far as overclocking the llanos.. like I said, I've had some trouble finding detailed information on em for overclocking. If someone does find em, I'd love to bookmark em *hint*

    So far what I've gathered, getting the CPU to 3.8GHZ is a pretty solid bet, as far as overclocking the GPU portion of it, I'm still coming up empty.
  12. Okay thanks I'll give yah the best answer thingy lol.
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