Smps Really matters

I recently purchase a xfx radeon 6670 ddr3 1gb after switching from nvidia 8400gs but the performance for the games given by this graphic is slightly similiar to my old graphic 8400gs i get same fps wether i do it low or high is it got low watt smps

my sys spec
intel dual core e5300 2.6ghz
4gb ram
450watt supply
500gb harddsk
and rest all on defult settings
i regularly keep updating of all sort of software for my hardware

it would be good you sort this problem i m not so pro in all pc stuff

Thanks in advance
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  1. what did you expect when buying 6670? XD
    both cards are for low power power consumption
    you have basically bought two cards that compete in the same area
    if you went from lets say 8400gs to a 7750 or a 7770 then you would see a bigger difference in performance
  2. but this is not to weak graphic card i can play "crysis 2" at high settings and most of the third person and first person like "assasin creed revelation" at maxout setting with 1366*768 resolution with around 22,23fps which is enough for gameplay but i cannot play any car games even at low setting with 800*600res and when i start my pc all the loading of windows and welcome is on 800*600res and then at 1366*768Res i'm not annoyed with this graphic card after my old 8400gs but my friends 9400gt can play nfs hot pursuit 2010 & i can't even at low but this graphic card is way better then nvidia 9400gt which is also ddr3 only he as core2duo and mine is only dualcore
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