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Hallo everyone
I've a pc with windows 7 64 bit, graphic card Sapphire HD 5850 and I've installed latest Amd Radeon driver. I've a Smasung LCD Monitor at 1680x1050 (DVI) and a Philips LCD Tv at 1920x1080 (hdmi) connected to the graphic card. I've set shortcut Alt+F1 to switch between this two monitor, the problem is that switching from Lcd Monitor to Lcd TV resolution don't change automatically from 1680x150 to 1929x1080. So i have to do this manually.
My pc is equipped with cpu Intel core i5 2500k and, using the integrated gpu with intel driver, i don't have the same problem switchig betwwen monitors...infa
tct resolution automatically adapt to the correct value.
Is there any trick to do the AMD driver doing the same?

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  1. you need to look into using amd's hydra program.
  2. I didn't installed Hydravision. I've found screen resolution setting in Catayst Control Center and tried to fix lcd tv resolution to 1920x1080. But, switching fron lcd monito to lc tv, resolution is always setting to 1680x1050....I would be surprised that AMD drivers aren't able to do what Intel driver do without problem...
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