Internet connection sharing from laptop (xp sp2) to desktop (win7 64x)


I want to share my adsl connection that is in my laptop running xp 32bit sp2, to my desktop pc running win 7 64 bit sp1. I also have xp in another hdd in the desktop from which i have connected the laptop with firewire. But win7 does not allow firewire networking. I don't wanna buy any new hardware. Can anyone help me on how to do this the easiest way ?
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  1. A company called Unibrain has a free download which will add firewire networking to your Win7 PC.
  2. I can't quite understand the install procedure of i have to install it on both the machines ? Then since my win7 is 64bit, i have to install the 64 bit of unibrain in the desktop and the 32 bit version of unibrain in my 32 bit xp laptop ?
  3. Use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on your Windows7 machine and then connect your laptop to it.

    Does your ADSL router not have wireless ?
  4. Nope its wired..actually my modem is ut-300 r2 model. Also, i have broadband connection in my laptop and desktop is fully offline which i only use to play heavy duty games. Now i am in need of getting internet in the desktop too but i want my laptop to be the main pc for internet.
  5. You could buy a small ethernet hub (not USB) and simply connect your modem to the hub and then plug your laptop and desktop into the hub. hubs are really cheap now and small
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