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I currently am running a MSI Gtx 560 TI Hawk edition, question is should I upgrade to SLI with another 560 Ti hawk or just go with another single fast card. 570-580 strictly gaming use.. I am not a fan of ATI-AMD cards. one other feature I would like is to be able to use 3 monitors I currently am using 2 with no problem... the 3rd monitor would be for just internet, desktop space.
only issue with SLI is would need new MB since my doesn't support have the plain Asus P8P67 rev 3

current setup
I7 2600 @ 4.1
16GB Corsair Vengeance ram
Corsair TX 750 psu
Coolermaster HAF 932 case
Asus P8P67 rev 3
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  1. if you wanna upgrade and you want nvidia wait for the 600 series
  2. Honestly upgrading to a 570 or 580 probably wouldn't be a wise move just now. I would wait until the next gen of NVidia cards (Kepler) come out in the next few months. At that point snagging the replacement for the 570 or 580 would probably be a much better buy.
  3. Heck yes, wait for Kepler. You'll see, You will see. Kepler is gonna be double its previous Generation Predecssor
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