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Low Fps On Radeon 5570 hd

Having low Fps trying to run Swtor,Rift,Tera i have a Radeon 5570 Hd with all up dated drivers .I just got a new Pc

Intel Core i5 2500K Quad Core Unlocked Sandy Bridge Processor 3.3GHZ 6MB Cache
GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
8GB Corsair DDR3 Memory
1 Terrabyte Seagate 7200rpm Hard Drive

my Max Fps i can get is about 20-30 while in single player combat or major citys, in the open world maybe 40 if I'm lucky,Battlegrounds,Raids,Open world events i get 2-8Fps
I was wondering if Overclocking the Video card will help my Fps problems ?.

My video settings when i do Raids,Bgs.etc are on low my screen reso is always 1920x1080 and i can never hit 10Fps.If i'm just questing or running around video settings are on max shadier quality is off.

I'm wanting to run on max setting with atleast 50-70fps do i have to upgrade my video card to do this?
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  1. That graphics card can't run at max settings at 1080p, that's why. It's not strong enough simply.
  2. what screen resolution would i have to run at?
    Any suggestion on a inexpensive upgrade for a video card?
    kinda broke after buyng new pc
  3. The 5570 will struggle on demanding games @1920x1080 even with low settings. To get playable frames with that card you should try kicking back to 1280x720. Of course it's not ideal for your viewing experience but it'll make it much more smooth.

    For 1920x1080 with max settings you'll definitely need an upgrade. What's your budget?
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    Rockermtl1988 said:
    kinda broke after buyng new pc

    I guess that means you want to spend less than $200? Maybe not max settings but the 6870 is like $160 and will be a huge upgrade for you. You'd notice an entire world of difference over the 5570. There's also a GTX560ti going for like $210. Very nice. If you haven't already, read:,3107.html

    It's important also to check your PSU to make sure it can handle a powerful graphics card. You may have to upgrade PSUs depending on what you have.
  5. In what way does Overclocking Ur video card help in performance
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