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CPU Socket top broke off

Ok so my issue is that I have a Asus Sabertooth 990fx mobo. and while i was replacing the heatsink, the metal pin that locks the cpu into the socket broke as i was unlocking the cpu and the top plastic cover of the cpu socket came off. I try to ignore the problem and hope the pc would work regardless but now the cpu led is on.

So my is question is does the cpu needs to be lock into the socket for it to be operational? if not it looks like ill be out of about 200 bucks :(
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  1. u mean to say that pins which holds cpu from mobo i mean heat sink
  2. Not sure what you meant there, but I'm talking about the actually cpu socket, the little lever that you slight pull to the side and up to release the cpu from the mobo, then down and to the right to lock it back in place
  3. the pin that hod the cpu from mobo if its broken then u have to buy a new cooler i suggest cooler master 212
  4. this is whats broken

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    If the ZIF socket locking lever or its mechanism is broken, the sliding "trap" that brings the CPU pins in contact with the ZIF "fingers" will not be applying much/any force. The CPU will not be making solid electrical connections with the motherboard and the PC will not work.

    It might be possible to Jerry-rig something to substitute to the lever mechanism but unless you are comfortable with that, you'll have to get a new motherboard.
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  7. Oh ok well thanks InvalidError that's what i wanted to know
  8. Gungrave223 said:

    mother of god what u have done man u have to replace the mobo from asus service center but its physical damage that does not claim in warranty so u have to pay money
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