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GPU upgrade

I am in the midst of a CPU/GPU upgrade now and was wondering what to go for.

Currently running a 8800GTS single card on an XFX 680i board with a Core 2 CPU.

First off, is the LGA 2011 or LGA 1155 CPU the way to go currently.

Secondly, I was looking at the 560 ti vs the 560 ti 448 GPU.

Any thoughts?
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    LGA 2011 is no better than LGA 1155 for gaming and other lightly/moderately threaded work, but is far more expensive.

    The 560 TI 448 Core is basically an underclocked 570 that couldn't hit 570 performance at the proper binning. The 560 TI is different.

    The 560 TI is comparable to the Radeon 6950 and the 448 core is a little behind the 6970/GTX 570.

    I think that the 560 TI is the better purchase because it would be easier to upgrade to an SLI configuration when games get to the point where it isn't enough without some help.

    All of the above cards are what I recommend for 1080p or 1920x1200 for the most graphically intensive games, although I prefer the 6950 because it can do triple Crossfire whereas only the GTX 480/580 can do triple SLI (not counting older cards) and the 6900 Radeons have better multi-GPU scaling too.

    I would recommend the 560 TI over the 560 TI 448 Core simply because the 448 Core is probably more expensive for performance that isn't too far off, you probably wouldn't see the difference.

    I also recommend getting a 2GB 560 TI if possible instead of a 1GB. For your CPU, get an i5 if you can afford it. All i5s can be overclocked at least 20% if that's your thing, if not, well a stock i5 is the best. i7s offer identical gaming performance most of the time despite costing 50-100% more money.

    i5s with a locked CPU multiplier can be overclocked through manipulation of Turbo Core and the BLCK. For example, the i5-2400 can be overclocked to hover between 3.78GHz and 3.99GHz, staying closer to 3.8GHz-3.9GHz, a

    Which i5 you get isn't very important, but get the fastest one you are willing to pay for.
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