Ocz 1000w psu error, get blue screen on windows help

i just intalled an OCZ Z-series 1000w power supply, on my pc replacing my old OCZ ZS-Series 750w power supply, now when ever I launch my windows 7 os, i get a blue error screen with alot of messages, all i can pick out is some prases about my memory. It only allows me to use the bios and enter windows 7 safe mode without crashing with the blue error screen, I double checked that everything was pluged,. Could this be my psu, or a software issue with Windows.
*intel i7 2600k cpu
*ASUS P8P67 pro rev 3.1 motherboard
*Corsair vengaence ddr3 1600mhz memory (4gb x2)
*OCZ agility 3 60gb ssd (boot drive)
*wd green 2tb hdd(storage)
*wd green 1tb hdd(storage)
*lg dvd writer
*and my new psu OCZ Z-series 1000w thats giving me the issues
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  1. Check all your connections and run memtest http://www.memtest86.com/download.html
    Unlikely caused by the PSU but a odd chance.
  2. ok thnx I will, but what I dont understand is why my memory and everything else was working perfectly before with my old psu.
  3. Most likely something got bumped during the replacement, hence check connections.
  4. If you don't find a smoking gun try swapping to the old PSU. Just because it's new doesn't mean it isn't broke. If everything was OK why did you replace the PSU?
  5. I agree with rolli59 run that test for a good while to a hour or two isn't long enough
  6. ok thnx i just switched it back to my old psu and the same issue, im thinking either spoftware or motherboard
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