Quick question about my corsair 500r case (Power Button Light).

I have recently built a computer using the Corsair 500R. I'm pretty sure the power button light stayed on while the computer was on when I first built it but I noticed yesterday that it doesn't stay on for some reason. It flashes when I push it to power up and it blinks while it is in hybernation mode it just isn't lit up while the computer is powered up. Just a small detail that is bugging me and sense it was working before (have only had the computer for 3 weeks) I'm not sure what to check. All the connections seem ok.
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  1. So.....it works? Just doesn't glow?Isn't that better?
  2. No................................................... It's not better. I want it to work normally.
  3. If an LED does not work, simply reverse the connector in its socket.
    Connecting an LED backwards will not damage it,see if that works.
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