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Hey forum, I want to get some parts for some light gaming / small Minecraft server (5 people). Please put any recommendations for parts, don't make it too much more than what I already have. I now can re-use my 500GB HDD, DVD Drive and Radeon 6570, which is fine for playing all games because of my monitor I play at a 1024 x 768 (usually on this) or 1280 x 1024. I am not overclocking any of my parts for a long time, but maybe a few years in the future.

CPU = AMD FX 4100 3.6GHz (mainly for server) - £71
Motherboard = Asrock 970 Extreme3 - £50
RAM = Corsair Value 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (2x4GB) - £26
PSU = XFX Pro Core 430W 80Plus Bronze - £36
Case = Corsair Carbide 300R - £45

I picked the AMD FX because it is a good quad core for the Minecraft server, and with my light gaming I am not too fussed about a few FPS difference, and AM3+ is going to last for the next 3 AMD generations, so I can upgrade to Piledriver in the future. I don't think it is worth getting an i5 as it is £100 more plus next year LGA 1155 will no longer be continued, this build is set to last a long time so it is not really worth paying £100 more.
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  1. Well thought out. I don't like the idea of fm1 cpu's but it works so great. Looks more like a mid gaming build great job.
  2. Looks good. The case is somewhat overkill though. Try to find an NZXT source 210, they are good quality but cheap no-frills cases.
  3. Suave, it is an AM3+ CPU, what are you talking about with the FM1 CPU?

    fb39ca4, That case isn't overkill for the price. A NZXT Source 210 has 1 less USB 3 port, I can't uprade to an SSD in the future plus it seemingly doesn't have any airflow on the front either, and the Corsair tool-less design is better too. I will only save £10 so really there is no point.

    I have a question too, will spending £2 more on XMS3 RAM make a difference (temps, performance etc.) , it will be the same speed?
  4. Lol I forgot i did it off the top of my head, just nvm.

    On the ram no but for 2 you can just have it.
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