(Fixed!) Sudden No Signal on monitor, suspect GPU

I can play Skyrim easily, no problems. It's not highest, but it's enough for me. I can also play Tribes: Ascend on highest, no problem. However, I just recently discovered a new (old) title: Dragon Nest, hosted by Nexon. This is a low end game, sort of anime looking, but for some reason my screen will, after ~20 minutes, go black and say "No Signal" as if it were disconnected. The tower is still operating, and I can hear the BGM from the game, but there's no display. I have checked the cords, updated my drivers, cleaned out my drivers (an experience I will never again took me forever to get my GPU driver working again), and am able to play the game on lowest settings without any foreseeable issue. However, when I try to set the game on highest setting, the GPU usage goes from ~20% to 99% and begins to overheat. I had this happen on City of Heroes once, maybe twice, but updating my drivers fixed it. It wouldn't surprise me if the game had a bug in it (an option I am still open to) but I am worried that my video card is starting to give out. Alternatively, I've been told it could be my motherboard. I have noticed this though: My shader and core clock is always at 100%, even when surfing the web. I'm not even sure if there's a problem (the game could be messed up) or not, but I'm asking here just to be safe.

Name NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
Revision A2
Codename G92
Technology 65 nm
Memory size 512 MB
Memory bus width 256 bits
PCI device bus 3 (0x3), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
Vendor ID 0x10DE (0x3842)
Model ID 0x0615 (0x1151)
Performance Level Default
Core clock 300.0 MHz
Shader clock 600.0 MHz
Memory clock 100.0 MHz
Performance Level 3D Applications
Core clock 770.0 MHz
Shader clock 1890.0 MHz
Memory clock 1123.0 MHz
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    This issue has been resolved (will post what I did for future google searchers)

    After updating to the latest drivers a second time, I installed the EVGA precision tool and adjusted the fan speed to temperature settings. By bringing the speed limits of the adjustments down by 10c each (it's a chart with 5-7 dots on it, just bring them left from one line to the next) I was able to keep the card running at a safe 70c with no issues. This has even helped my other titles. While Dragon Nest still has poor optimization, leading to these issues, I consider this a sufficient workaround as it has stood for two days. If anyone would like to post another tool that does the same thing, but without the overclocking stuff, feel free.
  2. THANK YOU for being considerate!
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking of lol
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