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Unexplained universal fps drop on Radeon 6850


i5 750 @2.67ghz
8gb dual channel ddr3 @ 668mhz (9-9-9-24)
asus p7p55d pro
AMD Radeon 6850
2 500gb wd hard drives
windows 7 home premium 64bit

Previously, i owned a Geforce 9800gtx+ and it ran fine until recently. As it was getting old and didn't run battlefield 3 among other things, i decided to switch it out for the radeon above. Sadly, the low fps has persisted and i can't even get minecraft above 50 fps on fast settings.

Interesting notes:

- The fps doesn't change substantially with changes in graphics. BF3 has about 17 fps for settings low-ultra. The same goes for minecraft and gta4.
- In piriform speccy, under graphics, it says logmein mirror driver even though i just installed one from the amd website

This is incredibly frustrating. I've invested a ton of money in this machine and it seems like i have the worst luck with computers. Nobody i know has been able to figure this out, so if there's any pros out there, i could use your help.
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  1. You probably have residual stuff from the nvidia drivers still in your system, that can mess things up a bit. Download and run driversweeper, that will clean out the nvidia drivers, then install the latest AMD drivers for your card. That should get your card running at its full performance. Do keep in mind that the 6850 probably won't have the grunt to run BF3 on ultra at 1080p or any other higher resolution, BF3 is quite demanding on the graphics card when run on ultra.
  2. lol a ton of money?!?!?!

    what resolution are you trying to play at? as thats more important information than anything youve stated above, closely follwed by gpu/cpu.

    ive heard stories of bf3 running better on high than on low, have you tried other settings?
  3. lol, it may seem dramatic but i spent what amounted to my savings at the time i built it.

    I run at 1920x1080p

    I havn't played too much with the settings. Do you know which settings i should play with in particular? As i stated, just settings them from low-ultra didn't make much of a difference, but i havn't changed anything other than the general graphics setting.
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    First, run driversweeper and reinstall your video card drivers after you have done that, odds are your problems are due to the nvidia drivers from your old 9800GTX are still on your system, and are conflicting with the new drivers for your 6850.

    it was one of these 2 that fixed it:

    uninstalling other drivers
    running the check in command

    thanks everyone!
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