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Im planning to buy a PC (primarily for gaming) and i want to hear advise if this setup is good enough at least run new games on low settings (like Diablo 3)? This setup is given to me by a friend but im a little worried about the CPU, you guys think this is good enough? I could go for a i3 2120 but i need to sacrifice the GPU if that happens, what GPU would u suggest (I might end up using the on-board intel gpu if i buy i3 2120)?

CPU: Intel Pentium G630
RAM: G.Skill Value 4GB DDR3 1333
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA3
PSU: Antec VP450 450W
GPU: PowerColor HD 7750
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    if your getting that CPU you can/can't go with that ram because if you do it will automatically be clocked down from 1333 to 1066, so you can go even lower now. Also, that wattage to me is a bit sketchy, i feel you should go with a 500/550w psu.

    You already have a case an Operating system,?
  2. @Suave145
    i probably plan to upgrade it to a higher cpu by next year (i hope) and thanks for pointing out the ram, i might reconsider buying another. About the PSU, i dun know much about it, i guess i just try the said PSU first :P

    The case, i'll just decide on the store and im not that picky really :P

    the OS, i already got Win 7 sp1 on my old pc (soon to be "retired")

    Thanks :)
  3. The wattage is fine. I think the CPU's fine, it's a Sandy Bridge after all ;)
  4. I feel like he changed the gpu but yeah you're good on the psu nvm what i said before about that.
  5. Thanks guys :) I guess i go with that build :P
  6. That is a solid budget build. You should be able to play most games with a mix of medium/high settings (depending on resolution)
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  8. Go with an antec or Coolermaster case they're not pricey & they have awesome cooling
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