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I5 3450 or FX 6100

i know it's not a fair fight but i am a VERY budget gamer and i don't really want to buy Sandy Bridge(s) as they are old,so here FX 6100 is for 900 while the 3450/3470 is for 1180-1190 but i don't really if i should get Intel or the FX as for price :pfff: i just want a good CPU that can handle me till 2014 and to Fully Utilize my ATI 7770 as i currently have AMD Phenom 8650 X3 and it bottlenecks the Hell out of the ATI 7770 + some flickering in games i think so any advice? :D

i am such a moron in Overclocking i only understand smallest things in OC'ing :P however, i don't have any experience at all in Intel Processors! as i had no Intel in my past PC's
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  1. Sandybridges are NOT old, in fact they are the best cost effective processors for gaming.
  2. donot go for amd believe me i own a athlon ii x3 440 and i3 2120 the i3 is about 40% more performance in gaming and idle fans at 1500 rpm the amd idles at 4500+ rpm
    the intel uses less power watts and voltaged believe me and lower temps too intel idles at 40c amd at 55c and IT GETS TO 76c ON LOAD WHICH IS EXTREMELY HIGH AND DANGEROUS
  3. amuffin said:
    Sandybridges are NOT old, in fact they are the best cost effective processors for gaming.

    yes exactly. For gaming Intel has the best performance, AMD has nothing that can touch Sandy Bridges or Ivy Bridges CPU's.
  4. intel gives superb
    amd give best bang for the buck

    samd as
    ati best bang for the buck
    nvidia superb
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    Bottom line, the 3470 smashes and blows up the 6100. Its not even close. Intel's architecture is vastly superior. If I were to swap in a new CPU today it would be the 3470.
  6. Well thank you guys,it's the 3470 then :) damn i wished if i could go to the 3570K or 3550 but my hugely limited budget cannot ;(..again thank you :D
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