Question mark/gray screen of death

i received a folder with a question mark upon the start up screen and it blinks insistently, i uses startup/install disk, i was able to boot a menu that said i was unable to install osx, but i could run a starup disk, i ran start up same thing happens question mark. I assume it is an issue with the harddrive...?

If hard drive is they anyway to recover data lost?
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    Follow the procedures outlined in this article. Failing that, I'd take the computer to a professional. If you want to try yourself, and the data isn't irreplaceable, Goggle "os x disk recovery tools" to find a few tools to try. But be aware that, with any attempt to recover data from a failed disk, do-it-yourself is very likely to make the situation worse, to the extent that even a professional will be unable to save the data.
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