LCD good for long term viewing?

hello, i am planning to buy a LCD for university. that means i will be using it to view text for extended period of time, and i am a programmer too. So my question is..

Will LCD be healthier for my eyes than CRT in a long run since it emits no radiation?

any experts on this?

thank you!
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  1. The expert here would be GoShark. :) Anyway, you're right on that radiation point. Also with LCD, you won't see any flickering on the screen coz LCD display is not refreshed like that of CRT display...
  2. The myth that LCD’s do not emit RF emissions is just that a myth. In terms of radiated emissions, LCD monitors are cleaner in terms of low-frequency electric and magnetic fields. (I am not aware of any studies, which have firmly established a link between these fields and health problems).

    LCD monitors in some cases, are worse than a CRT monitor for radiated high-frequency noise (RFI). In the monitor industry we are required to measure RFI and products typically fall into two categories, FCC Class A and FCC Class B. A is intended for commercial use (B) the stricter standard for home uses. In fact some airlines are now restricting or eliminating the use of notebook computers during flight out of fear that they will interfere with navigational equipment.

    Many things can cause RFI, poor termination the video cabling, poor shielding the internal logic including the drivers for the panel itself.

    In the low frequency magnetic spectrum yes LCD monitors are clear winners over CRT monitors again however I know of know study linking magnetic emissions to health problems. In fact many people are promoting magnetic wristbands for the relief of arthritis.

    Anyone concerned about emissions from CRT or LCD monitors should read this link.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  3. Jim, I couldn't find anything on that link about LCDs... only CRTs
  4. so i guess LCD is better for the eyes in long run i guess. i will take take in consideration, thanx shark for the deep analysis even though i only understand 70% of the material. :P
  5. Nothing published on LCD's that I know of, going on my past experience.

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  6. Spotted the following usenet thread:

    Not quite sure what to make of it, sounds as though quite a few people are experiencing headaches with the 1760 NX, amongst others.


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  7. I do wonder what kind of effect FRC would have any idea?

    Hilbert space is a big place.
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