Using Router connected to one PC with modem to another

hi there i was wondering if there is a way to gain acces to the internet from the wireless modem that is connected to one pc, by using a wireless router on the pc needing acces to the intternet which is in a different room?
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  1. By wireless modem you mean it is a 3g or wimax modem or a combined modem router with wifi?
  2. the one connecting straight to the internet is i believe just a modem its a zyxel p-660 hw t1 v3 and the other is a modem router belkin F6D4630
  3. If both modem is connect to a adsl1/2+ line with an internet service, you can just connect your computer to the internet via the wifi with them. From what I can find, I believe zyxwl and belkin are both modem router combo.
  4. thats my problem my pc has no wifi i was wondering if the belkin router could somehow at as a wifi reciever from the other modem if that makes sense?
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